SPOS #178 – Media Hacks #20 Live (To Hard Drive) From New York City

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Welcome to episode #178 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. This is also episode #20 of Media Hacks and it’s live from New York City. In a very rare moment, the entire Media Hacks crew – Chris Brogan, C.C. Chapman, Christopher S. Penn, Julien Smith and myself (with the exception of Hugh McGuire) – converged in New York City for the Web 2.0 Expo (and Web 2.Open). Wednesday night after dinner, we all met up at the Roger Smith Hotel (in Julien’s chambers) and recorded the following rambles, tangents, swear words and non-relevant-to-marketing conversations. That being said, it got interesting, we wavered, we switched, we debated and we made a ton of inside jokes. In the end, the conversation looks at the audience, the new media and those swimming in the deep end of it all. Enjoy the conversation (but keep in mind this is not work safe)…

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #178 – Host: Mitch Joel.

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Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #178 – Host: Mitch Joel.


  1. Oh boys, boys, boys! Thank you. Social is about being “present” it is a moment without a watch. Time means nothing so you let yourself sink in. Inside everyone we interact with is a good thing. We always think about broadcasting but social is a receiving channel. Lubricant helps.

  2. Man, am I going to have to listen to that one again. You guys had a ton of thought provoking points, but I found myself listening to it for the entertainment value. Your love for this stuff really comes through in these.
    I did like the Penn’s knife analogy. Very simple, yet still comprehensive.

  3. We have been using Twitter since its early days and have 2-3 years of experience with it. Many of the things you’ve talked about in regard to live tweeting at events, etc., are things you and I were doing in our early years of using the tool. I think it’s important to keep this in mind, as we see Twitter in the mainstream.
    I love this quote from Penn:
    “If your life is so empty, so shallow, so devoid of meaning that tweeting at a conference to one-up someone is the only high you get, then you might need to take up drinking.”
    I also can appreciate how you all are experiencing maturity in using the tools, prioritizing where to spend time with them. Good advice.

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