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Welcome to episode #172 of Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast. Finally, back with a new episode of Media Hacks where we dissect everything from video games and iPhone apps to why Christopher S. Penn loves shooting people online. Should video games be more than just shameless fun? Should companies allow their employees to use Social Media? Some are using it wisely, while some might just be trying to kill some time. From there, we get into a very semantic conversation about what is a "book"? Enjoy the conversation…

Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast – Episode #172 – Host: Mitch Joel.

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  1. VERY interesting media hacks episode. As a photographer I was particularly interested in “what is a book” and does it need to be physical.
    Something identical is going on with photography. What is a photograph? Does it NEED to be a physical piece of paper? The consensus in the photography world is No. Flickr still shows photographs even though they aren’t physical. In a similar way a book on an iphone is still a book. The technology has changed the ‘end product’ and eventually the terminology and (RE)definition will catch up.

  2. Second life! I remember working in that building a community for a company I used to work for (STA Travel). We had some pretty cool stuff going on there and it was all the rage. There is a big difference in second life and iPhones though. Even though they are huge communication platforms and both have a large period of buzz or growth. Second life is a fantasy world and similar to a video game which offers a leisure activity. iPhones with apps add practical value to day to day life (or real world value).

  3. Mitch, liked the episode!
    I think there is still an advantage to physical books in the sense that they are more personalized (signed, or bookmarked, or tagged up) and you can share it with friends and colleagues once you have finished it.
    The trouble with E-books currently is the lack of sharability. Once I purchase an ebook for my kindle, it is stuck on my kindle. Granted it’s about 14bucks cheaper, but I can’t get that satisfaction of sharing a book filled great ideas with someone who needs to learn whatever the book has to offer.
    With everything moving in the digital direction, there will probably come a time when publishers, much like the music industry, will find themselves in a battle with piracy on a daily basis.
    Just my 2 cents. Keep up the fantastic show!

  4. First off – best episode of Media Hacks for a long time – love the passion in this one.
    My two penworth on the book debate –
    I think a book is a document of a long process of thought around a narrow subject. I don’t particularly care whether you read it on a kindle, an iphone or mashed up trees, but it must be the product of an extended effort on the part of the author. This effort produces a document of worth with thoughts that are properly worked out and set down in order for the audience to understand. To me this is the essence of what a book is – the rest is just an argument about the type of media used to deliver it. Travel isn’t about whether you took a car or plane – it’s what you learned on the journey.
    Great episode – thanks.

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