SPOS #839 – Seth Stephens-Davidowitz On Trusting Data (And Not Your Gut)

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Welcome to episode #839 of Six Pixels of Separation.

Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation – Episode #839- Host: Mitch Joel. Should you always trust the data? Should you always trust your gut? Is there science behind these choices? Seth Stephens-Davidowitz is a former Google data scientist turned writer and journalist. He spends his time investigating all types of data to help us answer big questions and make better decisions at work and in life. He’s been called a data revolution “prophet” by Dan Pink, because of Seth’s ability to teach us how our instincts lead us astray, but data can help us see the world more accurately, ask better questions, and get happier (according to him). His first book was, Everybody Lies – Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are, and his latest one is, Don’t Trust Your Gut – Using Data to Get What You Really Want in Life. Seth is a contributing op-ed writer for The New York Times and a former visiting lecturer at The Wharton School, where he developed a course about his research. Seth has presented his original research scientific manuscripts, public journals, and engaging lectures all over the world. He holds a PhD in economics from Harvard and a BA in Philosophy from Stanford, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa. Enjoy the conversation…

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