You Don't Know Jack (Dorsey). But You Should…

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There are very few people that are truly prodigies and innovators.

Writer’s toss those words around as a way to substantiate and impress readers with a subject matter. It’s par for the course, but more often than not they are just words and not true definitions of the people being featured. One of the few people who is deserving of those titles is Jack Dorsey. Some think that Dorsey could be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. So far, he has an impressive track record as the co-founder of both Twitter and Square. In my second business book, CTRL ALT Delete, I have a chapter titled, The Long And Squiggly Road, that looks at how non-linear our careers and lives have become. I encourage people to embrace the squiggle and even plan for it, when it comes to their professional careers. Whether Dorsey knows it or not, he is one individual who epitomizes the notion of being deeply engaged in a very squiggly career. As accomplished as he is, he always seem to just be getting started. That is a profoundly powerful position to be in.

To imagine the future, we must create the future.

In September of this past year, Dorsey gave this one hour presentation on the campus of Columbia University to students, alumni and friends of the school. With a passion for maps, punk music, art and coding, a young man from Missouri was able to change the way that we communicate, share, govern, broadcast information and pay for things. And still, he is just getting started.

Watch this and get inspired…

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