Yahoo! It's Over For Overture

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Not that I was a huge fan of the brand but I certainly felt it was more powerful than Overture and, in all honesty, since the name change to Overture, I always felt a little colder to the company.
Well, the auction-style pay-per-click search engine (which is now really a keyword bidding engine for search engine marketers) is being fully absorbed by its owner, Yahoo! Word came down yesterday at Search Engine Strategies in New York that the Overture brand will be put to rest and, starting shortly, the new name will be Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions.
OK, so it may not be the most exciting name but rest assured, Yahoo! has its target set on Google. Nothing new here. All players in search have Google in their sights. The winners will be the people buying those clicks as the competition for the search marketing space heats up between Yahoo! and Google… and don’t forget about the others (namely Microsoft, AOL and the many second-tier players like FindWhat and Kanoodle).