Why The Future Of Technology Is Google

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Yes, Google Fan Boy Alert. It’s happening now.

Look beyond the stock price. Look beyond search advertising as their printer of money. Google is a part of so many fascinating aspects of where society and technology are intersecting, that my guess is that it will soon be hard to do anything that isn’t – in some way, shape or form – connected to Google. While some may think of Skynet (and, yes, Google makes it clear in the following video that they are more than interested in real artificial intelligence), I’m still as fascinated with the company – and the many projects they’re pursuing – as I was the very first time that I did a search on the engine back in the late nineties. Earlier this week, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page took part in a fireside chat with famed venture capitalist, Vinod Khosla (who was also the co-founder of Sun Microsystems) and his annual KV CEO Summit.

Here is the full, 40 minute-plus conversation about the future of technology and Google. Buckle up!