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As I write this (on my Blackberry), I am sprawled out on a lounge chair on Laguna Beach facing the Adaman Sea in Phuket, Thailand. It’s summer vacation time and most people would tell me to unplug and put the Blackberry down. The truth is, when I’m most relaxed, I am the most productive. The main reason is that I don’t consider what I do for a living a “job.” It’s simply stuff I love to do. I don’t have a desk (though I do at the office) and I don’t keep office hours (though Twist Image certainly does). When I’m on vacation, I’m not trying to “get away,” I’m simply in another location.
So being out here, I started thinking, “why do I Blog?” When I started Blogging (it’s been 4-5 years now), I saw it as a way to keep an online journal (not as a conversation mechanism). That was my original understanding of what a Blog truly was… A place for one’s thoughts. Blogs evolved quickly and I’d like to think that this space kept pace with the opening up of a Marketing and Communications dialogue – a place to uncover this new, emerging, type of Marketing and what we – as Marketing Professionals – can do within it.
Bottom line, I Blog because I love to write. I always have. Prior to Twist Image I spent well over a decade as a Music Journalist – pumping out reviews, interviews and editorials. Writing is in my blood. The spark for this Blog posting came about because I see the changes in the Social Media landscape. With the iPhone, YouTube, Joost and more, it won’t be long before no one is really reading text. We’ll be immersed in a web browsing experience that is similar to Second Life with a virtual world feel and real time audio and video will be a streaming click away (without buffering issues). I’m feeling like text-based Blogs will be fleeting. Like we’ve used text to date because that was the most accessible, but as soon as video, audio and images are no longer bandwidth issues, the Blogger Exodus will begin.
I won’t take part.
I’ll keep Blogging because every post is a new song for me. Every word is a melody in my head that’s been humming around in there, dying to get out. I’ll keep Blogging because the ability to communicate about Marketing through these words gives me pause to reflect on the magic and changes that our industry is grinding through.
I Blog because the only way to connect is to share. The only way to grow a business is to ensure that you have a strong community. The only way to build that community is to put words out there that spark newer forms of communication, community and ideas.
And that says it all. It’s not work at all. In fact, it’s relaxing and a complete pleasure. I have zero desire to take a break from Blogging because prior to Blogging, I kept a journal and, if I were here in Phuket six years ago, I’d be doing the exact same thing. The only difference would be that you and I could not share in my thoughts or discuss them. I will never take a break from Blogging unless I simply have nothing to say (not likely if you know me), then I just won’t post. See, I don’t know when the words will flow or when they will fail me. I do know that I can’t time it because I am on vacation (or not).
I had something to share today and, if it wasn’t here on this Twist Image Blog, it would have been in a private journal somewhere. Bruce Lee used to write his thoughts all of the time. When he was done, he would take the paper, light it on fire and that was it. He wrote to get it out of his system.
That’s why I Blog and I can’t control when that will be. So while some like to take break from it all (regardless of whether or not they are on vacation) or go on vacation to get away from work (and, for many, Blogging is work), I love to Blog when I’m breaking from the work environment because new ideas come out and deeper passions about who I am and what I want to do in this world come through. The true tragedy would be if I kept those thoughts to myself. So, look at it this way: when I hit the publish button… It’s like when Bruce Lee would light his thoughts on fire.


  1. Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Your thoughts are very much in line with mine on why I blog. It’s a thought dump. I write for myself and not for anyone else. Twitter does this for me too when I don’t have the time to type out the whole thing. I can just get a thought out. That is what it does for me.
    Thank you for sharing and I hope your time away is filling you full of energy for productivity on your return.

  2. I doubt you’ll see a mass exodus from text and blogging any time soon – we’ve had Dragon and other speech recognition software for over a decade and it still has a 95% success rate – which sounds great until you realize 1 in 20 words is wrong. Until speech recognition and content recognition is perfected (or vastly improved) text will remain the lingua franca of the Internet.
    That, and Gutenberg created the printing press in 1450 – and despite radio, TV, the web, theaters, and virtual worlds, we still have plenty of books.

  3. I like the idea that I’m like Bruce Lee.
    Thanks, man! That just about made my day:D
    [“but honey — that’s what Bruce Lee used to do! … just not online, or with WordPress!”]
    t @ dji

  4. I feel many similar feelings. I’m not certain there will be the mass exodus from blogging caused by video and audio as much as from the apathy and lack of recognition most people are experiencing.
    Video did not kill the radio star – it just made it difficult for less attractive people to be front line singers.

  5. There is no doubt that blogging provides a great platform to “connect and share”. But I would never share some of my thoughts with let’s say, eh, certain competitors.
    Especially in our industry, there are sooooo many copycat “professionals”. In fact, sometimes I feel that 90% of the companies out there offer the same thing with a different name.
    So, sometimes I decide to keep certain thoughts to myself (or within the organization). After all, there are a lot of… Jackie Chans out there!
    P.S. Would you recommend the place, Mitch?

  6. I don’t think blogging will die. It may transform, but the written word hasn’t gone away yet, and even in the wildest fantasies about the future (ala Star Trek and the like), they still like to read. The medium changes, but not the writing. If blogging dies off, it will simply be because we’ll have discovered some new and improved method for writing our thoughts.
    I also love podcasts and vlogs. I keep playing with the idea of jumping in there. But the benefit of writing is no one needs to hear my lisp or see whether I shaved today. I can get up in the middle of the night, which is when I often get my best ideas, and just go write and share them, all with no concern for how I look or sound (though typos are more frequent at 3 am).

  7. I’m new to this blogging stuff but I believe being a communication consultant, I got to update myself with this new social media and I personaly was enriched by your blog site.
    keep up your good work

  8. I should clarify: I don’t think Blogging will die. I do think a good chunk of people are being forced to write (or Blog) and they are not really writers, so given the chance to switch to a medium like video or audio – they will.
    I love writing. I love the written word. I fear most people don’t, so as the technology enables them to, they’ll make the Exodus to channels where they’re not forcing it as much as trying to Blog.
    Again, just my opinion based on the fact that more people respect video and audio then books.
    As sad as I think that it is 🙂

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