Who Moved My Business Book?

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Simon London of the Financial Times published the article, Who Moved My Business Book?, yesterday.
The article takes a straight-talking look at the business of business book publishing as London grapples with the influx of leadership, management and innovation books that are constantly heaved his way to be reviewed.
Here’s a taste of London’s cynicism towards the business book publishing industry:
“I am trying to understand what makes a ‘great’ business book. Heaven knows I get sent enough bad ones. As an occasional reviewer, I’m on the publicity list of what seems like every publisher in the Americas. My desk is piled high. The space under my desk is crammed, as is the adjacent cubicle. Every so often, without warning, a pile of business books topples over with a loud thump.”
It’s not all bad news. London also lists his top “Five Great Business Book” and the article, Who Moved My Business Book?, also includes a link to the Financial Times Business book of the year award shortlist of six.
You can view the article here: Who Moved My Business Book? By Simon London.
And the Financial Times shortlist here: Financial Times Business Book Of The Year.