Where It's At And Where It's Going According To Marc Andreessen

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Marc Andreessen is one smart dude.

Some people know him as the co-author of Mosaic (one of the first web browsers). Some know him as the founder of Netscape. He’s done a lot (most recently as the co-founder of Ning). He’s made a lot of money in the Internet game and continues to invest in all things Silicon Valley. He’s got money in Digg, Netvibes, LinkedIn and Twitter. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Facebook. If something big is brewing online, Andreessen is either involved or has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening and where it’s going.

Yesterday, he appeared on Charlie Rose for the full hour. If you’re interested in understanding how new media is starting to unfold and where he thinks it’s going, you should take look:


  1. Agreed! I stumbled across the show on PBS last night, purely by accident, then watched enthralled as Marc nailed question after question at an astonishing rate.
    Pop, pop, pop…
    Man can he talk fast.
    Pop, pop, pop….
    I think he was on to something when he started talking about the Kindle, and how it fit the form factor between iPhones and laptops. And how it’s the next generation of gear that should be really interesting. I started thinking of a mashup between the new netbooks and the Kindle and what that might be like.
    The interview was pretty good too, but Charlie Rose is a funny guy. He acts like this is all amazing and new to him but he’s interviewed all the big players and always knows his stuff. Is he playing dumb on technology to represent his average viewer?
    Thanks for sharing the video!

  2. With the exception of news that is truly about the local area AND reported on by locals, most newspapers I scan parrot national level “news” of Associated Press word-for-word…which I haven’t trusted for many years. Local papers aren’t the problem, it’s who they buy their “We-can’t-afford-to-send-a-reporter-there!” crap from.
    Once AP tanks news we’ll be more knowledgeable of the facts through other outlets.

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