When Things Get Weird

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You know the moment… when things get weird?

Technology is about to get even more interesting. As more and more appliances and devices get connected, coupled with wearable technology making some serious headway, it’s bound to get as weird as it will get interesting. There have been a couple of moments – in just the past little while – where a new technology has come across my desk that has both intrigued me, but made me wonder if it’s all getting a little too… strange? Let me also be the first to say, that I don’t even consider things like Google Glass or self-driving cars all that weird at all.

Check this out…

Exhibit A – The New Fox News Deck. Is it just me or do these massive touch screens just seem… weird? Cool? Yes. Weird? Yes.

Exhibit B – The Refresh App. Granted, I think I have better small talk chops than this dude, but doesn’t it seem weird that we’re suddenly automating even the most basic of stuff? I suck at remembering names, and I can often be found not being prepared enough for a meeting due to time constraints. Again: Cool? Yes. Weird? Yes.

Exhibit C – Sony HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display. We have seen devices like this before. You can cover your entire field of vision (and block out the rest of the world) with these headsets, but I can’t – for the life me – imagine seeing someone crack this bad boy out on an overseas flight. Perhaps this is a technology relegated for the hardcore gamers or individuals desperate for a divorce, but still. Once again: Cool? Yes. Weird? Yes?

What about you? What technology has got you all weirded out?