When The Future Comes Faster

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Can you really say that technology does not touch the work that you do?

We tend to see things in a linear fashion. It’s human nature. The truth is that we are at an amazing inflection point where exponential growth and advancements in technology are bringing things to market in a faster and more powerful way. When I speak like this, I’m often confronted by people with a quizzical look on their face. Technology can be confusing enough, but add in the notion of exponential growth, and it’s enough to make a brain (or two) explode. Thankfully, we have people like Ray Kurzweil who can explain it. In this recent talk at Google in support of his new book, How to Create a Mind – The Secret of Human Thought Revealed, the inventor, futurist and author explains the innovations in technology and just how quickly they are happening. To sum it up: the future is happening much faster than I thought.

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(in other news: hug your kids, stay safe and if you think someone is struggling with depression or mental illness, speak to them, get them help and if we kill the stigma maybe we’ll stop killing one another).


  1. Oh wow! Now that’s interesting. He has mentioned Google a lot and seems to deeply admire what they’re doing. His work in augmented reality and brain virtualization ties in particularly well with them.
    I do wonder how he will function in such a large, hierarchical environment though. He looks like the kind of guy who likes to do his own thing and do it his way.

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