When Paper Wins In The Digital Age

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There are certain companies who understand (and embrace) what it means to be a digital-first brand.

Even… when that brand is a paper company. In fact, calling it a “paper company” is probably a misnomer as well. It’s also a fashion brand. It’s also a productivity brand. It’s also a lifestyle brand. It will come as no surprise, that I have been a huge fan of the Moleskine brand years (even if you think I’m just paying them lip service, you can see the truth right here). You can’t open a drawer of mine (both in the office and at home) and not find some kind of Moleskine notebook in there. I carry around various formats and still (very much) enjoy the process of handwritten notes and ideas. Nothing beats it for my creative process, and their notebooks really do rock (though, I am also a huge fan of Field Notes). With that, the L2 YouTube channel has been amazing lately. Scott Galloway creates these amazingly insightful videos about who the winners and losers are in the digital age. They’re quick (this one is about three minutes long), and they are packed with data, insights and knowledge. They are always worth watching, but this week’s episode is especially powerful. Moleskine growth is running in tandem with the rise of digital. And, if that isn’t incredible enough, the sales of Moleskine notebooks correlate positively with proximity to an Apple store.

Imagine that… now, watch this:  An Unlikely Winner In A Digital Age.