What Moved You In 2010

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Every year, I fall more in love with writing, the written word and Blogging.

From discovering new Bloggers who are discovering their own voices to the minutia of niches that people are driven to write about. As a former magazine publisher, there’s just nothing like opening up a browser and entering into a world of insightful pieces of content written by people who are truly passionate about a topic that gets published the second their idea is complete. Couple that with the subsequent comments, commentary and sharing in places like Twitter and Facebook, and it’s mind-boggling how anyone can think that this publishing platform isn’t as transformative as the Gutenberg Press.

What moved you here.

Part of becoming a better writer, journalist, Blogger and Media Hacker comes from understanding what content worked for your community. I spent a couple of minutes looking at my Blog posts over the past year. I looked at comments, engagement and the PageRank score that each Blog post received. Using a minimum PageRank score of 8/10, these are the Blogs posts on Six Pixels of Separation that moved you the most (in alphabetical order)…

Thank you.

Personally, professionally and communally, 2010 was an incredible year. Along with a healthy and happy family, amazing friends and my community service, we (my three incredible business partners and I) managed to grow Twist Image to nearly 130 Digital Marketing professionals in our two offices (Montreal and Toronto) working for some of the best clients and coolest brands. I travelled to over thirty cities in five countries, evangelizing the Digital Marketing industry, my agency and the book, Six Pixels of Separation (which 800-CEO-Read and Inc. Magazine just listed at #13 on their Bestsellers of 2010 list – thank you!) at over 70 events, and met/worked with the best of the best. People often see my mug on all things Twist Image and Six Pixels of Separation, but the real work and heavy lifting is a team effort. Those 130 Digital Marketing professionals are not employees… they’re teammates. Nothing I do happens without them… and you can see them all in action right here: Twist Image Facebook Page.

So, while the Blog posts above moved you, working with the amazing team at Twist Image (and my extended business families at Speaker’s Spotlight, Greater Talent Network, Levine Greenberg Literary Agency, Grand Central PublishingHachette Book Group, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun and the Canadian Marketing Association) is really what moves me.

Happy New Year.


  1. Hi Mitch – Happy New Year and all the best for 2011 ! To answer your question the biggest thing that moved me in 2010 was my son expressing interest in doing what I do for a living by starting to work with me. This made me realize there is so much for me to say and teach him about my life and my work, but there hadn’t been any formal recording or documentation to share with him thus far. That said there’s also lessons from my father and grandfather to share, and none of that is recorded either. Ultimately this inspired me to start my own blog about 6 months ago, and discovering your book “Six Pixels of Separation” recently will hopefully help me with this process.

  2. Gott Nytt År as we say in Sweden !
    Thanks for a year of great content Mitch. I always enjoy the discussion and your podcasts – especially with Joe Jaffe – are a high spot.
    I wish you continued success and hope you make it over to Stockholm soon!

  3. Great links and great content. I just came across your blog from a friend, and it makes me feel a bit better about starting my own blog so late in the game. Lots of great reading here, thanks.

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