What I Like About The Gap

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Work the channels. Use the different mediums. Get some famous people not just because they are a pretty face (boy or girl) but because they can help you connect with your target audience.
While I was strongly against stepping foot in any of The Gap stores, I am truly digging their latest marketing campaign for Favorite Song – Favorite Jeans.
The Gap got a handful of musicians, hooked them up with the type of The Gap jeans that suits them best and they had them perform and talk about their favorite songs. If you make a purchase of sixty bucks or more you get a free CD that is eight songs from a major artist doing major cover versions of their fave songs. You can hear Joss Stone work God Only Knows by The Beach Boys or Alanis Morissette doing Crazy by Seal.
You don’t have to like the artists or their covers to know that this is a smart way of connecting music, fashion and a better fan experience.
If The Gap keeps this up, who knows I might find my own favorite jean to go with my favorite song.

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