What Has Technology Done For Creatives?

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If there is one person who knows about how creative people work, it is the guy who created Behance.

I have been following Scott Belsky for a long time. His company, Behance, is a platform for creatives to showcase their work (think of it as LinkedIn for the creative community). With that, Behance got acquired by Adobe in 2012, where Scott acts as Adobe’s Vice President of Products – Community. There’s also 99U, which is a think tank, publisher and annual conference devoted to getting stuff done. He wrote the book, Making Ideas Happen, and 99U published three amazing books titled, Manage Your Day-To-Day, Maximize Your Potential and Make Your Mark (which just came out). Recently, Scott gave a talk on how creatives work in modern times for the TNW, and it’s a short, TED-like, eighteen minutes that should make you think differently about how you can run your day and get the work done.

The Next Web – Scott Belsky.