What Happens At 5:30 am When A Marketer Can't Sleep?

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Your brand is not a graphic design exercise.
Your business card is much more than a paper expense.
Your corporate kit is the clothes you wear.
A website is not about web development or graphic design. It’s about both and much more.
A e-newsletter, press releases, Blogs and regular communications speaks volumes. How many volumes do you have in your encyclopedia?
Technology is the answer if you have the right questions and a good solution in mind.
Sales grows your business. Marketing is your business. You can’t grow it if you don’t know it.
Advertising works all the time if you take the time to understand the context of your customers instead of the features of your products or services.
Narrowcasting can reach more people than broadcasting. Think about it.
Every interaction from how you answer your phone to how you sign your contracts is a marketing touchpoint. How many touchpoints from your company feel great? How many hurt?
Marketing lasts as long as a sale – they both last forever (if you do it right). This is play-off of a Jeffrey Gitomer-ism.
Why try and compete for your customers attention when you can attract them simply by being there when they are looking for you?
I’m going to hit the Snooze button…