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How much creativity are you bringing to your work?

For as long as I have been fascinated with business books and other types of long-form non fiction content, I have been fascinated by content on creativity. What is that secret sauce that some people have, and can it be found, nurtured, inspired and galvanized into something usable and applicable to my own life? It took decades for me to acknowledge that the words that I write are my own form of art and creativity. From those early days, the design innovation company, IDEO, has always been on my radar. Back in 2001, I devoured The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley (one of the partners at IDEO). His second book, The Ten Faces Of Innovation (published in 2005) was great as well. Most recently, he and his brother (David Kelley) published a book together titled, Creative Confidence. The book debunks the myth that creativity at work is just for the "creative types" and pushes to help each and every one of us to think and be more creative in the work that we do.

Spend an hour thinking about your own creativity.

Tom and David Kelley recently spent time at the Googleplex discussing their new book with Frederik Pferdt (Head of Innovation and Creativity Programs at Google).

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  1. Thank you Mitch. I’ve worked successfully a couple of times with IDEO and their process was terrific. I learned a lot that I’ve been able to keep applying. The experience was an illustration of bringing creativity out of a team, so seen in action…it works.

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