Unlock Your Creative Genius

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How many times has someone promised you the ability to help you unlock your creative genius?

I get it all of the time. I fall for it, more often that I would care to admit. But, the one person who truly does know how to help us all unlock that creative genius is Steven Pressfield. I have been following Pressfield since he first published the book, The War of Art back in back in 2002. Most recently, the bestselling author published his latest book, The Authentic Swing, which is a about the mechanics behind the writing of his famed novel, The Legend of Bagger Vance. This past weekend, Pressfield sat down with Oprah for an hour. It is truly an amazing piece of content to watch and enjoy.

Make sure to have a notebook ready… 

Oprah and Steven Pressfield.

(sadly, the Oprah website does not allow their videos to be embedded, so please click on the link above).