Understanding Mash Up, CGM (Consumer Generated Media) And Viral Marketing

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There are many big questions when it comes to digital marketing. The bigger ones are occurring around channels that fall within, what is being called, Web 2.0.
Web 2.0 basically means that users are creating and interacting (instead of just reading and clicking) and communities are being formed around this “open source” online lifestyle. Ultimately, the user has become king of the world.
This brings us to a three minute trailer for Titanic Two – The Surface. I don’t know who created it, but Titanic Two is a Mash Up – someone takes a bunch of clips from all over the place and mashes them up to form their own original piece. At its macro level, a Mash Up is CGM – consumer generated media (which is also known as UGC – User Generated Content). Because Titanic Two is funny and interesting, many people will pass this on to friends or Blog about (like I am doing right now). When this happens, the item is viral (it starts spreading all over the web). Viral marketing is all about creating something so relevant that people are compelled to spread it throughout their personal network.
I wrote the above paragraph not to author a Dummies Guide To Web 2.0, but simply to illustrate that these many new channels (and there are many more) all have their place in the marketing mix and, when done right like Titanic Two, have the opportunity to create a lasting impression.
I wonder how long it will take for Titanic Director James Cameron or Leonardo DiCaprio to catch wind of this? My guess is they’ve both already seen it.
You can check it out here: Titanic Two – The Surface.
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