Twitter Starts Here – The New Revolution Might Be Micro-Blogging

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I’ve been resisting the temptation to start with Twitter.
Never heard of Twitter?
Look on the left (scroll down to the bottom). Twitter is the ability to send a quick SMS-like text message to the web that is published and accessible. You can also add “friends” to your Twitter community to see what others are up to.
Twitter is being called micro-Blogging.
Why was I resisting Twitter?
1. Is it that important to know what I am to?
2. I hear it’s the social media equivalent of crack (highly addictive).
I then realized that there could be many marketing, communications and advertising opportunities with Twitter, and I don’t want to become one of those “I don’t have time for…” people.
That was my initial reaction and I then heard all of the haunting voices from my past of people saying, “I don’t have time for…” surfing the Internet, instant message, email, Blogs, Podcasts, Second Life, etc…
Twitter and it’s micro-Blogging capabilities is another way for communities to connect and engage in conversation. I have to play with it to discover if there are any values beyond knowing where I’m at any time during the day. But, most importantly, we need to understand what Twitter might change for marketing and communications down the road.
So Twitter me this: will Twitter bring us even closer together?


  1. Cull your contacts carefully if you trust Twitter to trickle onto your mobile phone. I was following three very talkative writers and they totally saturated my phone’s in-box for hours on end.

  2. Mitch, we’re right on the same page here, that’s EXACTLY what I was trying to say to Julien over dinner on Friday about Twitter.
    I, too, don’t want to be an “I don’t have time…” person, but I also think it’s important to give the real attention to the things you DO have time for that make sense for you. For instance, I always tell people about Second Life, but I understand that it’s just not the right tool for some.
    I’ve just updated my Twitter and added some friends for the first time since I signed up just after PodCamp Boston. I’m still not sure about how often I’ll feel compelled to update it.
    Good to see you this weekend my friend, we’ll talk again soon!

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