Twist Image Is Moving

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…to better serve you. Don’t you hate it when you read that kind of news? The truth is that Twist Image is moving.
We’re still at our old digs on Saint-Denis, but starting next Friday, May 26th, 2006, the official headquarters of Twist Image will be 3530 St-Laurent Blvd. (our phone and email addys remain unchanged). If that address sounds familiar, it is because our new home is in Ex-Centris. Let me put the first, obvious, rumor to rest: Daniel Langlois has not invested in Twist Image. We were looking for more space and an introduction was made. Ex-Centris is perfect for Twist Image.
We’re looking forward to our new home. It is an amazing space and everyone at Ex-Centris (including our friends at Café Melies) are welcoming us with open arms.
Now, back to packing boxes.