Twist Image Is Looking For A Word Wizard

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Twist Image is growing again. We’re looking for a full-time communications/writing sage. We’re looking for someone who’s just as cool creating ad copy as they are with forming a great sales pitch. Someone who is detail-passionate when it comes to proofing anything and everything that leaves our office. We want someone who can write a press release or website copy (and knows how very different the two are). We’re looking for someone who can pitch us as speakers for a conference and can switch it up to make ad copy sizzle.
If you are, or know, someone who can take the word “red” and make it “cherry” – tell us. We’re looking for someone to take our clients’ words and make them sing, sparkle and shine. We’re looking for someone who has read Blogs but understands the profound value in a one-word advertisement copy tag. We’re looking for a self-starter, someone who can be three-steps ahead and help us take our content to a whole other level.
Let me know if you know someone (or is that someone you?) who gets it and knows how to say it in many different ways (depending on the medium).
Want to join an extremely passionate group of entrepreneurial marketing and communications people? Want to become part of our team? Want to make every word zip, boom and bang? We’re looking for that special wordsmith someone.
Please send all information to: [email protected]