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At Twist Image, we just launched our latest project, Current – The Twist Image Newswire. Current is a Blog-based Newswire service that was going to be used mainly as an internal resource for team members to stay in the loop on who’s reading what and what’s going on. As the development of Current took hold, we decided, “why not share this with everyone?”
So here it is: Current – The Twist Image Newswire.
As of now, Current is very barebones and still in preview mode. We have yet to add authors’ names to the posting, comments are not turned on yet, there are still some universal formatting rules that have not been one hundred percent finalized, and we are looking into adding some kind of Digg-like functionality.
Current will certainly not be as up-to-the-minute as Technorati or Google News Alerts, the core thinking of Current – The Twist Image Newswire is to have a place where all of us can get a “feel” for what’s happening in this new marketing world.
It is completely RSS (or click to subscribe) enabled, so feel free to add it to your reader or personalized page. The feed page is here: Current – The Twist Image Newswire – Subscribe Page.
This is another example of not waiting for something to be perfect before sharing it with the community. Digital Marketing is not about perfection. It’s all about starting the conversation and growing something together.
I know Current will be going through many changes in the coming weeks (all for the better). In the meantime, enjoy and feel free to invite your family, friends and business peers to check it out: Current – The Twist Image Newswire.