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I was on Technorati last night, when I saw this post: Most Influential Authorities On Blog Marketing from TopRank SEO Blog. It looked interesting, but then my heart sunk when I saw that Twist Image made the list for Onalytica’s analysis on the most influential web sites on Blog marketing.
I thought a mistake had been made. How could this Blog be ranked up there with Seth Godin, Steve Rubel, Wired, ClickZ, Fast Company and more? I sent out an email to my CAPOW Group (Communications and Advertising Podcasters of the World) and, along with the expected slaps on the back (and tush), For Immediate Release co-host, Neville Hobson, took to interviewing Onalytica founder Flemming Madsen on their Podcast today. You can listen to it here: For Immediate Release – Interview – Flemming Madsen, Onalytica: July 24, 2006.
It turns out that Onalytica is legit.
Very cool.
So what does this mean?
I’m not one hundred percent sure, but you can see the Onalytica Blog posting on it here: Who Are The Most Influential Authorities On “Blog Marketing”? where you can also download the full report in PDF format.
Beyond that, it is extremely flattering and very humbling.
Twist Image – one of the most influential authorities on Blog Marketing… pretty cool.


  1. What took them so long to recognize it? One of the biggest reasons I jumped on the blog/podcast bandwagon was you. Just continue to keep it real as your humility is an important trait mon ami.

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