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Cry all you want that traditional media is dead (and/or dying), out of touch or out of date, but it’s just not the case.

I’m often asked where I find the time to read everything, or where I get inspiration for Blog posts, newspaper articles, business book concepts, speaking topics or ideas for clients. This may shock you, but more often than not, it’s not from a tweet on Twitter, a Facebook status update, a peer’s Blog or even a Podcast. In fact, more often than not, it’s from a traditional news media outlet.

What? How can that be?

Traditional news media outlets still have access to information (and power) that most independent Bloggers don’t have. Their content creators are journalists and story-tellers who know how to pull a story together, and you can be (fairly) certain that the piece is (somewhat) vetted for truthiness. On top of that, many of these traditional media outlets are nervous about their future, so they are allocating space and resources to covering all things new media, technology, marketing, etc…

Here are 8 great traditional media outlets who constantly and consistently have great new media, marketing and technology content…

What traditional media outlets do you think are doing a great job at covering new media?


  1. Great list Mitch.
    Hey what’s the name of that legendary agency you once featured where he was interviewing his dad? Great video and really enjoyed that content too.

  2. You can add these to the list:
    CNN (Tech section) –
    Fortune (Tech section) –
    Forbes (Tech section) –
    Bloomberg Businessweek (Technology section) –
    Bloomberg Businessweek (Innovation section) –
    Financial Times (Tech blog) –
    The Globe and Mail (Technology section) –
    And one of my favorites (albeit not so traditional)…
    Marketing Magazine –

  3. The traditional media that works for me is print – books, magazines, and newspapers. The immediacy of news is moving toward online, no doubt. But print is still an incredible resource for insight. A good magazine article that comes out a month after an event is loaded with perspective you don’t get immediately. And print can leverage the “hindsight is 20/20” theory quite well. Another reason is that I write all over these things – pen, highlight, etc. I make notes and use this stuff as reference for future work.
    These are things that a 24 hour new cycle simply cannot provide.
    I do not believe traditional media is dead. It just needs to adapt to the changing culture and find its new niche. It will.

  4. There has also been a lot of conversation about the value and power of longer and more in-depth pieces online as well. I straddle between print and digital and I find the line disappearing – especially when I look at my iPad usage.

  5. Interesting post, good raising the point that ‘old’ media companies are finding ways to cope in this day and age. What would be even more interesting is to have an analysis of why you think these are successful compared to others. For instance, would there be a measure thinkable of thruthiness vs factuality/objectivity? Or does this stay at reader’s discretion?
    Just to add to the list, I find a UK newspaper doing particularly well is:
    Especially interesting IMHO is the subsite they launched late last year on ‘data’. For me this is a good example of the future of journalism. Taking (big) data, making sense out of it and presenting this to a public in an understandable manner.
    The cool thing is they have opened their platform to others to develop on.
    Check it out for yourself:

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