Too Long

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I am sitting awaiting a flight. It’s amazing how caught up you can get. Did I read that right? My last Blog entry was on on Wednesday and it’s Sunday? For shame. It will be back to the business of Blogging. As I hold all of these boarding passes next to my passport and I then realize that you don’t even need a ticket anymore (just a confirmation number) it further amazes how we will get to bio-RFIDs quite shortly and we’ll soon become our own, personal, toll booth. Kind of takes the concept of branding to a whole other level (think Minority Report) and also increases privacy and security issues to another level.
As an aside, while in Monaco and then Italy I was even further amazed by how enthralled people are by brands. From Nike to Versace. The interesting aspect is how the different cultures not only take them in, but how the brands themselves “modify” based on the culture. I would be hard pressed to find someone wearing the San Remo Versace styles I saw yesterday and even further pressed to see someone from Monaco sport some of the Nike gear I’ve seen in Times Square.
We can be as global as we want but brands are still adapting to the people and not vice-versa.