Todd Henry On How To Be Creative Daily – This Week’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast

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Episode #844 of Six Pixels of Separation – The ThinkersOne Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

When I think about creativity, motivation, getting the work done, being prolific, and taking my thinking to the next level, I often think about the work of Todd Henry. Positioning himself as an “arms dealer for the creative revolution,” Todd teaches leaders and organizations how to establish practices that lead to everyday brilliance. He is the author of multiple bestselling books (The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, Louder Than Words, Herding Tigers, The Motivation Code) which have been translated into more than a dozen languages, and he speaks and consults across dozens of industries on creativity, leadership, and passion for work. With millions of downloads, his podcast – The Accidental Creative – offers weekly tips for how to stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy. He’s got a brand new book out called, Daily Creative – A Practical Guide For Staying Prolific, Brilliant and Healthy. In the book, we’re given a daily dose of insight with 365 exercises and insights for busy professionals, creative and beyond. The book was designed to help you gain powerful focus each and every day. Each daily reading can be completed in five minutes and includes a specific theme to break you out of your current mindsets: A challenge to reflect on and apply a new habit-building principles long with a key action as a takeaway to yield lasting results. Enjoy the conversation…

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