To Sell Is Human. To Be A Marketer Is Human

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You have to watch this conversation.

Daniel H. Pink is one of the best business book authors and thought leaders on business out in the wild. He’s written some of the most compelling books including, A Whole New Mind, Drive and his latest, To Sell Is Human. Pink sat down for a fascinating conversation with Jonathan Fields of Good Life Project (one of the best podcasts currently being produced) to discuss To Sell Is Human. Marketers tend to think that they’re not in sales. That’s sad. We’re in the business of sales. Our roles are to help a brand connect with a consumer so that the consumer buys a product (or service), talks about it (in a positive way) to their social graph and becomes loyal to the brand. We are in the business of selling our ideas to clients and to one another. It’s not just marketers. It’s each and every one of us. We wake up in the morning and put on clothes that make us feel better about ourselves (that’s a sales job too). Are you freaking out because you’re now starting to see how much of our lives are about sales? Don’t worry. To sell is human. You just have to get used to it.

Like I said: you have to watch this conversation…


  1. I think tom peters touched upon this concept many years ago and decided to go into sales to see for myself what it was like. I totally hate it but nevertheless its what we need to do in order to survive I guess. Ultimately I really don’t think you need to ‘sell’ you just need to find what your good at and things will work out without you even selling.

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