To Understand The Current (And Future) State of Media, Look No Further

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Sometimes a good conversations brings out the best ideas for the future.

Not that long ago, Joe Rogan sat down with Jack Dorsey for episode #1236 of the Joe Rogan Experience. Joe is the definition of a renaissance man. He’s a world class sports announcer (not just for the UFC, but compared to all other sports commentators). He’s a world class standup comedian (look no further than his multiple Netflix specials and sold out shows around the world). He’s a world class thinker (from alternative medicine and psychedelics to science to politics to stand up comedy to mixed martial arts and beyond). He’s a deep thinker with an honest tone and a very modern perspective. In short, it’s hard not admire someone who is able to take on such divergent skills and master most of them. It’s impressive, and a model to look at if you’re really interested in changing your own behavior, building a more desirable life and taking on new challenges. Joe does it… he doesn’t talk about it. It’s hard not to be captivated by his conversations. Last week, Joe sat down with Jack Dorsey who is both the co-founder and leader of Twitter and Square. Many have said that Dorsey is the next Steve Jobs.

So, what exactly is going on in media today?

It’s a fascinating conversation that covers everything from the shortcomings and challenges of Twitter, how it has impacted communications, media and the world, what’s coming next for Twitter (an edit feature?), how leaders of countries use Twitter to communicate directly (and often threaten) other countries, the problem with trolls, Twitter’s role in global responsibility and good citizenship, online harassment, where social media is taking us (more velocity and connectivity) and much more. Ugh. I am not doing this two-hour conversation any justice. Some media pundits feel like Joe Rogan was tossing softballs at Jack Dorsey. Some media pundits feel like Jack Dorsey was ducking the important questions. This was not my take. Joe Rogan is not a 60 Minutes investigative journalist, and Jack Dorsey was very engaged and introspective during this conversation and in response to the conversation.

This is important.

If you care about the state of media, want some insights into where it might be headed, what we can all do to both listen and publish better, this is a fantastic and captivating conversation with two people who are truly unique thinkers. What becomes abundantly clear is just how much technology has pushed social media into changing our world and humanity, as we know it. From 140 characters to 280 characters to an entirely new way to listen to the world and to be heard. Really fascinating.

Watch it here: Joe Rogan Experience #1236 – Jack Dorsey.

As a follow-up, Sam Harris showed up on Joe’s show today. It’s a great continuation on the topic of media, podcasting and how the world is evolving. Also well-worth the watch: Joe Rogan Experience #1241 – Sam Harris.