Tipped To The Point

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I finally finished reading Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. Definitely worth grabbing and devouring and it makes Seth Godin’s Unleashing The Ideavirus (available free by clicking on the book link) even more impacting. On top of all that, I came across a fascinating blog called the Viral Marketing Blog, and it has a link to an article from March, 2002 called The Tipping Blog that is well worth checking out. It’s amazing to see that from the moment Gladwell published The Tipping Point, in January 2002, to now (a mere two years and drop later) how much the world has changed and how quickly something (service or product or epidemic) can tip. I wonder if Gladwell was just reporting on these phenomena or if he began to recognize the speed at which things tip? Once again, so much great reading and business understanding – just within this little blog.