Thread Carefully – Meta’s Threads Takes On Twitter

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It would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to not discuss Threads – the new Twitter clone via Mark Zuckerberg and the Instagram folks.

What do we know so far?

Threads hit 100 million signups in just five days.
For context, ChatGPT was the fastest-growing consumer product by getting 100 million users after two months.
Plus, Threads hasn’t even launched in the EU because… wait for it…
Privacy concerns.
All of this is making Zuckerberg look good in comparison to Elon Musk, which is surprising when you consider how much Facebook/Meta has been challenged by their own consumer data and privacy issues.

People just hate Twitter/Musk that much more?

Also, Threads is a mobile app only – no web/desktop version (yet).
So… with no real search functionality, direct messaging, hashtags or even an ability to follow only the people you select, it’s an impressive start.

Will it work?

Many believe that Threads is our option to get it “right.”
Meta executives are using lines like, “a more positive public square,” and a place for people “that never really embraced Twitter.”
Many believe that Threads is simply a Twitter copy, and it will never be able to replace/replicate what people (still) love about Twitter (and it’s just dirty to steal the idea, in the first place).
Musk is threatening to sue Zuck because it is, essentially, a Twitter rip-off.

Most of the time, Meta’s copycat experiments have failed. But a small number of cloned or acquired features have thrived.

From its TikTok-ish Reels to its Snapchat-ty Stories… both of those rips have paid off handsomely.
With that, Twitter traffic was down 5% for the first two full days after Threads launched, and is down 11% compared with the same days in 2022.
Because of the integration of Threads with Instagram, there is a built in network of 1.7 billion users, and the app seems to be scaling and working very well considering the mad dash of people signing up.

So… where does this land?

Latest and greatest new addition to your social media portfolio of apps?
A quick burn in popularity and then a deep nose-dive because it’s not much more than a Twitter clone?
Something in the middle?

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