The Write Stuff Continues At Twist Image

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On July 12th, I Blogged about our HR needs at Twist Image. In the post, Twist Image Is Looking For A Word Wizard, I wrote about how we would like to meet a communications/writing “sage.” We’ve met many over the past ten days. A serious wrecking ball of cool people who get it… we’re definitely going to jump on, at least, one of them.
Being a Writer myself, I really enjoy this process just to see how my brethren word people have managed to find work, grow and make every syllable turn into a dollar sign.
In fact, the search has been so interesting that my business partners and I have decided to keep this line of communications open. Firstly, there are not many English writing opportunities in Quebec. Secondly, we’re starting to see that it will “take all kinds” to bring us to the next level and beyond.
Here is just a dash of what we’re looking for:
– A monster when it comes to proofing anything that leaves our space.
– A passion for making every word resonate depending on the medium.
– A commitment to enjoy an Entrepreneurial environment and the passion to be a self-starter.
– A clear knowledge of how unique writing for the web is compared to creating key messaging.
– A fun, witty and creative flair for taking a concept and bringing it to life in words.
– A love for open space, teamwork and making every day count.
– A little experience with ad copy – from creative briefs to being able to think about multiple clients with multiple needs.
I have a saying: “We’re not looking for someone who wants a job. We’re looking for someone who loves what they do.” A friend, Monique, sums it up best by explaining that when she brings people into her company, she tries to figure out what their “go play” is. “Go play” is the type of work you were meant to do – it’s literally “play.”
Are words your “go play”?
Contact us here: [email protected].