The Word Of Mouth Manual – Volume II Is Here… And It's Free (But Just For You)

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The Word Of Mouth Manual – Volume II is the new book by Dave Balter. Balter is the founder of the very successful Word of Mouth Marketing company called, BzzAgent and also the Co-Author of, Grapevine – The New Art of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, along with John Butman. Imagine the pressure of having to release a book on Word of Mouth? You really need some major action to create the buzz and get the word out there. Either that or you take it in another direction.

For the launch of The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume II, Balter made a lot of big changes and called on a small few to tell people about it.

The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume II will cost you about $45 to buy from (granted, it does come with an original piece of art). But for you, the loyal community that is Six Pixels of Separation, the entire book is available completely free for you today right here in PDF format: The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume II by Dave Balter and Seth B. Minkin.

It’s a very cool idea. I get to give you a gift (one that you can pass on and share with others) and the folks behind The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume II keep their finger’s crossed in hopes that you take this message, find it valuable and help it spread.

From a Marketing perspective, Dave Balter and the BzzAgent people were able to take their many years of building up relationships, networking and being a part of the community and conversation to get people like Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, and a fistful of others (including yours truly) to tell you about this very special opportunity. You need two things to make something like this fly: an awesome book with awesome content, and the personal trust of those you’re asking to Blog about it. It’s not something that happens overnight… it happens over time and by giving more than asking.

I could tell you why I think you would be crazy to not grab The Word Of Mouth Manual – Volume II for free right now, but here’s how the Blog explains the book:

"So, you want to know everything there possibly is to know about word of mouth? Then you’ve grabbed the right book (or, you know, downloaded the right PDF) — CEO and founder of BzzAgent Dave ‘Chief Bzz’ Balter’s The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II.

Around the Central Hive, we like to think of it as the definitive guide to all things WOM (and, no, Dave doesn’t make us say that). It’s actually a perfect go-to for Agents to discover the guidelines of great Bzz, a must-read for marketers looking to adapt and evolve and probably the only time you’ll learn about leeches, Ace of Base and Tickle Me Elmo between the covers of one book. Yeah, it’s pretty comprehensive.

The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II is split into three enlightening, funny sections, all working together to prove that WOM is one of the most powerful marketing mediums on the planet. Check them out:

Part I: What You Should Know (in Theory) takes a look at what’s new with word of mouth

Part II: What You Probably Know Already (Unless You Don’t) answers the questions, doubts and criticisms from organized word of mouth’s early formation

Part III: What You Must Know (in Practice) discusses the necessities of practicing this communications phenomenon

Dave’s book is full of facts, stories and insights about word of mouth and the industry that’s been built around it. His insider’s look helps show that while WOM may be a medium that can’t be forced, fabricated or created, it certainly can be managed, understood and enjoyed by all!"

Grab it free here: The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume II by Dave Balter and Seth B. Minkin… and pass it on to family, friends and co-workers.

Or order it from here: The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume II by Dave Balter and Seth B. Minkin… this one will cost you $45.

I’d ask where The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume I is, but I think that’s one of the conversation starters.


  1. I’m a big fan of Dave Balter and BzzAgent. It’s a Brilliant idea, well executed.
    In fact Dave is our podcast guest this month on Personal Brilliance – Up Close and Practical. A new episode each week this month. Listen to Dave describe the process. Catch up by clicking here.

  2. Thank you for allowing me and all your readers the opportunity to download this for free. I am looking forward to reading it.

  3. Is this the URL you want? My computer knowledge is extremely limited!! Look forward to reading whatever I end up with… Hopefully the Word of Mouth Vol II

  4. Hey, I told you I was computer illiterate! So, I’ve got 120-some pages of The Word of Mouth Manuel Vol 11. And each page takes up 1/4 of a page. I hope I have reading glasses strong enough to read it. Well, let’s see…. waste of paper; but savings on ink…. GrammaSusan

  5. I am a volunteer at Bzzagent and really pleased that I am going to be given the chance to read this book, Dave is such a clever chappie and can’t wait to read what this is all about.

  6. Great resource! I will definitely pass this on. By the way congrats on your book deal! Let me know if you’re going to be doing a section on social media in the public or non-profit sectors. I can throw some great new resources at you. Cheers!

  7. Have been a bzzagent (agent bluenichols) for a few years now and this book sounds very interesting. The Word of Mouth process has worked great for me on spreading the word on new item that have came out. Cant wait to read the book and see some more of their great tips.

  8. Thank-you for giving me the opportunity to read this fine book Congratulations on your book deal! .I have been a bzz agent for a while and like getting the chance to down load the free reading material. It is quite hard to read the book else where than at my computer though. I realy like purchasing it alot better.

  9. Thanks for making the download of the Buzz Agent book available on your blog.
    As a volunteer BzzAgent, I enjoyed reading the book. Even more than reading the book…I have enjoyed being a BzzAgent.
    The Word of Mouth Manual – Volume II really contains some great information in an easy to read format.
    I know that I filter out a lot of TV and other media ads. In fact, if I really hate a TV ad, I just pick up the remote and mute it. GONE. However, it is not as easy to ignore a trial product. Tell me I’ll love the product and I’ll say; “Yeah, right.” Send me the product in a kit and I’ll try it and tell my friends.
    In fact, I just talked about a product a few months after the campaign ended. It was still on my friend’s top 40 list, I guess.
    Companies: Contact BuzzAgent; I’d like to buzz about YOUR product next… LOL…see I really enjoy this!

  10. Me again! Got your attention…hmmm??? It is BzzAgent, not BuzzAgent. Sorry.
    Actually, that was just a test of the ability to Bzz…betcha won’t forget how to spell it like me!

  11. I’m a BzzAgent too and am liking this convergence between BzzAgent and some of my favourite blogs. Thanks for being part of it.

  12. As a new volunteer BzzAgent, I’m very excited to get this download. Can’t wait to read Dave’s book and learn everything I’ve always wanted to know about Wom, but didn’t know I needed to know. Will comment again after I have read it.
    I think word of mouth campaigns are exciting. I am always amazed at how information is disseminated. (Like when I get an email joke returned from a different source.) I would love to see a mapping of a WOM campaign sometime.
    Happy reading everyone!

  13. Before joining BzzAgent and reading this book, I didn’t even think of how much effect WOM has on the market. BzzAgent feels like a more grassroots organization that is actually concerned with the consumer. There is a constant barrage of traditional marketing and advertisements everywhere you look these days. I realize now how much I ignore anything resembling an ad. And I know a lot of people that do the same. I think companies would see enormous profits if they put time and effort into developing WOM campaigns. Okay, I think that’s enough rambling for now. lol.
    Even after downloading this book, I’m still going to go buy a copy for my own personal library. As someone interested in starting a small business, this book gives a lot of insight on marketing in a way that is humorous and easy to understand. I will definitely pass this on. Thanks for posting it here.

  14. I am a volunteer BzzAgent. Most BzzAgent’s are completely transparent and we are proud of it! I loved the manual. I wouldn’t have purchased it but I loved every word. Anything that people talk about is considered word of mouth, whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. The world would be a totally different place without Word of Mouth.

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