The Value (And Power) Of Attention

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This will be something important to watch. Your life is a casino. Sadly?

Do you seek attention? Is your job to extract attention from consumers? What battles are you fighting to get more sales and build your brand? There are countless gurus with millions of followers. They are snapping away and have successful YouTube channels. It has been tiring for me to watch, personally. For me, the most modern and adaptive thinking on media, marketing and advertising is not coming from the influencers online. They’re just trying to extract more of your attention. It is coming from the media theorists. Two of the best are Douglas Rushkoff (you can listen to Douglas and I discuss his latest book, Throwing Rocks At The Google Bus, right here: SPOS #504 – The Modern Economy With Douglas Rushkoff) and Tim Wu

The attention merchants.

Tim Wu has a new book out, it’s called, The Attention Merchants – The Epic Scramble To Get Inside Our Heads. It is a critical read for everyone in business today. Wu is also a professor at Columbia Law School, director of the Poliak Center at Columbia Journalism School and a contributing writer at The New Yorker. He may be best known for his work on net neutrality. He is also the author of The Master Switch and has authored many other thoughtful pieces. In launching The Attention Merchants, he sat down with Douglas Rushkoff to to discuss his book at The New York Public Library on October 17th, 2016.

Watch this teaser: Our lives are like a casino – Tim Wu & Douglas Rushkoff – Live from the New York Public Library.

Now, watch the full 90 minute conversation: Tim Wu and Douglas Rushkoff Live from the New York Public Library