The Truth Behind The Ego Surf

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And I thought it was common web terminology.
For years, I’ve done the ego surf. Ego surf is when you type your name (or that of your company’s) into Google (or any other search engine) and see what results pop up. Obviously, the more links and mentions of yourself or your company, the better you feel (hence the ego part).
When I shot Joseph Jaffe an email earlier this week, I never suspected it would lead to this first post on his Blog: “Ego Surfing” – yes, I am said “man” in his post, and then this interesting follow-up Blog post on Jaffe Juice: What’s Your Ego Score? The tool that Jaffe is using to gage one’s ego surfability is egoSurf – Know Your Space. While Joseph Jaffe holds an impressive score of 13124 on egoSurf, I’m more than a little shy of that with 8796.
I guess I have more linking and keyword work to do.