The Social Media Week That Was

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Last week was Social Media Week. If you weren’t a part of it (or following along at home/online), you missed some gems.

One of the stand-out sessions took place in New York. The session was called, Participation, Aggregation and Criticism in the Digital Age, and was hosted by Ian Schafer from Deep Focus (I should note that Ian will be an upcoming guest on the Six Pixels of Separation podcast and we will both be delivering keynote addresses at the upcoming Media Bistro event, Socialize, March 31st – April 1st in New York City). Schafer managed to pull together quite the start-studded panel to discuss how Social Media is challenging (and changing) business’ rules of engagement.

The panelist for Participation, Aggregation and Criticism in the Digital Age include:

The event was streamed live (for free) around the world and is now available for your viewing pleasure below…

Watch live streaming video from smw_newyork_jwt at