The Social Media Revolution

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Need some real insight into the the Social Media revolution?

Here is a great video interview with Clay Shirky (author of Here Comes Everybody) from GRIT TV on how Social Media is changing everything from news and media to business and communication as we know it (this is well worth the 24 minutes):


  1. Thanks Mitch.
    Have you read the book Clay authored and if not do you think we can expect to see a review from you soon? I didn’t see his book in the recent piece on 10 biz books from awhile ago.

  2. Clay’s book, Here Comes Everybody, has been out for a while and is on the top of my “lists” if you have been following the Blog. If not, do a search for “clay shirky” in the search box above and you”ll be able to read lots of thoughts about this fantastic book. I think it just came out in paperback.

  3. Just a quick comment. The Pirate Party is not the third largest party in Sweden. It became the fifth largest in the election to the EU Parliament in 2009 with 7% of the votes. In 2010 there is a national election and the Pirate Party is currently not among the 8 largest parties, in other words, they will not get any seats in the Riksdag.

  4. Thanks for directing us to another thoughtful Clay Shirky interview. I would suggest to Clay that newspapers will be around for at least another generation – there’s just too many people who expect their news delivered in that medium and will be living longer to enjoy it that way – but agree that the ultimate goal should be to protect journalism, not the medium it’s delivered on or in.

  5. Beautiful. The point I agree most on is how we can’t stop low quality, and that it needs to be embraced to allow the good stuff to surface.
    Thanks to C. Shirky for a great mind and to Mitch for sharing it.

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