The Principles Of Persuasion Workshop Back In Montreal

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My good friend, Heath Slawner, is offering another workshop for The Principles Of Persuasion. It is taking place on November 9th – 10th at the McGill International Executive Institute.
Heath is the only Canadian certified to teach this course which comes from Dr. Robert Cialdini. Dr. Cialdini has spent over thirty years studying why people comply with requests in business settings and what persuades people to see things (and act on them) as you would like them to.
Some of the material presented in The Principles Of Persuasion workshop is culled from Dr. Cialdini’s excellent book, Influence: Science And Practice. The workshop is applicable if you work in, or are interested in, sales, marketing, leadership and negotiation.
I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Heath keynote a handful of times on the concepts that are further developed throughout The Principles Of Persuasion workshop and it is, by far, some of the most fascinating (and relevant) skills I have implemented in my day-to-day life.
For more information, check it out here: The Principles Of Persuasion.