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We got some very big news here at Twist Image a while back and it’s made us all very excited (and me quite anxious). We have been working with an amazing company called The Power Within. They are the folks who are bringing people like Bill Clinton, Lance Armstrong and Dr. Phil live to cities all over the world for one full day of engaging leadership and motivation. The events feature a handful of world-class speakers and I have attended many Power Within events.
As of May, I will be speaking at selected Power Within events. The first date that was announced today on The Power Within website is London, Ontario on September 19th, 2006 at the London Convention Centre. I will be sharing the stage with Mark Burnett, Po Bronson, Herb Cohen, Loretta LaRoche, Mike Lipkin and more.
I am more than thrilled (and humbled) by this opportunity, and I look forward to sharing my insights on what makes a brand and how to market it in this day and age.
I have also just authored an article entitled, The Brand Within, for The Power Within’s full-color glossy magazine, Motivated, as well as taking on the role of Editor for The Power Within’s just-launched, A Passion For Life e-newsletter.
You can check out the event info here: The Power Within – London, Ontario – September 19th, 2006.