The Power Within Montreal – Recap

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The Power Within was a mind-boggling journey for the three thousand-plus people that attended the event today in Montreal. For over eight hours amazing speakers like Mike Lipkin, W. Mitchell and Herb Cohen were mixed in with motivational sensations Dr. Phil and Lorreta LaRoche. The day also featured T. Harv Eker who is a proficient pitchman and best-selling author of Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind.
OK, so now what do I do? I just spent eight hours getting energized at The Power Within and it’s late Friday afternoon. Do I stay focused, get charged and take on a new me?
Over the years I have made personal development a key component in my life. I do attend sessions like The Power Within as much as possible, I read the latest non-fiction books and I subscribe to countless e-zines and Blogs.
I have learned one trick and it’s not much of a trick.
If you want to make an event like The Power Within count, all you have to do is take those eight hours, the seven world-class speakers and boil it down to one thing. What was the one thing that you can do right now. It doesn’t have to be huge. In fact, it can just be a pebble on Mount Everest. Don’t try and change your financial situation right away (if you have the gusto – go for it), but you can certainly start saving the equivalent of a coffee everyday or you can follow Mike Lipkin’s straightforward and super-effective skills by simply listening to others “with your full body.”
The Power Within in Montreal was a huge day for me, but what really got me going was seeing family and friends who came to the event based on the Twist Image corporate rate and truly got into it.
Next up, Twist Image is doing a road trip to The Power Within live in Toronto. The event is being held on October 18th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm and has a stellar line-up:
– Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton
– Master Negotiator, Herb Cohen
– Freakonomics Author, Steven D. Levitt
– Rocket Boys Author (which became the movie October Sky), Homer Hickam
– Marketing Guru (and personal favorite), Seth Godin
– Stress Management Expert, Judy Carter
– Free The Children super-youngsters, Marc & Craig Kielburger
There will also be a special musical performance by Leahy.
As with all The Power Within events, there is a special corporate rate for family and friends of Twist Image. All you have to do is call 1-866-POWER-04, ask for Scott and be sure to mention the Twist Image corporate rate.
Let me know if you will be joining us.
A special thanks to Salim, Scott, Dave and the entire Power Within crew – what a great group and what an inspiring day in Montreal.