The Power Within Discovery Series

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I listen to a lot of audio books, motivational work and presentations. I have binders of audio books on CD and countless other formats. The Power Within has an incredible series entitled, The Power Within Discovery Series. I believe the complete set is ten CDs.
I have been listening to this Discovery Series, constantly, for the past little while. Everyone from Mike Lipkin, Doug Hall, Robin Sharma, Nicolas Boothman, Loretta LaRoche, W. Mitchell, Herb Cohen and many more of the best speakers are each featured in their own CD.
Some of the CDs are keynotes from actual events (both Mike Lipkin and Herb Cohen live are supreme) and some are interview (I’m actually surprised at how many times I’ve listened to the Robin Sharma interview).
I am so enthralled with the Discovery Series, that I am seriously considering a Power Within listening party where my staff and anyone who wishes to attend will sit and listen to one CD per month (maybe a Friday afternoon?).
They are just that good. From the looks of The Power Within website, they may only be available by calling (1-866-POWER-04), emailing or purchasing the series at a show.