The Power Within Bringing Lance Armstrong To Montreal

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This is great news. I just saw on The Power Within website that they are bringing Lance Armstrong – he of Tour De France and cycling fame – to Montreal at some point (the website simply says “coming soon.”)
According to the website, The Power Within is actually doing three dates in Canada with Lance Armstrong – Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver.
I’ve been on the cusp of purchasing the Lance Armstrong books: It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back To Life and Every Second Counts. The news of him coming to speak in Montreal at a Power Within event pushed me over the edge – I’m heading out to buy them now.
If you simply can’t wait for the Lance Armstrong event, The Power Within is also bringing the following events to Montreal in the coming months. Click on the event titles below for full details. I will be attending all of them.
Caroline Myss – Invisible Powers: Personal Choices That Create Miracles.
Loretta LaRoche – Authentic Happiness – It Takes Courage To Be Happy.