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It’s a global thing. You wouldn’t understand 😉
BL Ochman‘s latest Blog entry, Is Bush Kidding? $35 Million Is Not Enough for Tsunami Relief! Let’s Prove That America is Not Stingy!, she says:
“The Bush administration has pledged a stingy $35 million dollars to Southeast Asia’s tsunami relief. Are they kidding? The U.S. is spending $35 million every seven hours on the war in Iraq.
Let’s prove what America is made of. Let’s top that paltry $35 million with online donations to The Red Cross, Oxfam or through the donation database on The Southeast Asia Earthquake and Tsunami wiki.
We need to help. Today. More than 160,000 are dead from the disaster. They have no food, no water, no medicine, no way to even bury the dead. Send what you can. Do it now.
We can raise $35 million online in a day!”
OK, I’m Canadian, but I love the idea and I hope it spreads.
Give generously.