The Pew Internet And American Life Project Gives Online Social Networking The Thumb's Up

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This is very good news for people who are concerned that they are spending too much time online connecting rather than doing it in more traditional places like anywhere outside of your basement.
The Pew Internet And American Life Project released a report this past Wednesday entitled, The Strength Of Internet Ties, which is based on two surveys. The results found that leveraging the online world “improves Americans’ capacity to maintain their social networks and how they gain a big payoff when they use the Internet to activate those networks to solicit help.”
It goes on to say:
“Disputing concerns that heavy use of the Internet might diminish people’s social relations, the report finds that the Internet fits seamlessly with Americans’ in-person and phone encounters. With the help of the Internet, people are able to maintain active contact with sizable social networks, even though many of the people in those networks do not live close to them.”
Work it baby.
You can view the full report here: Pew Internet And American Life Project – The Strength Of Internet Ties.