The Perfect Mouse Trap

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While Marketers try to figure out how to build a better mouse trap, it turns out that I’m busy trying to buy the perfect mouse. You know that little computer peripheral that you spend most of your day with. I know the perfect mouse exists for the desktop, but what about us computer users that are more upwardly mobile (re: on the go).

Just yesterday, I picked up the new Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks. So far, excellent experience. It got me thinking about what would be the perfect mouse for the mobile user. Here’s my list (in no order or relevance or importance):

1. Thin.

2. Bluetooth enabled.

3. Tiny (if not invisible) USB receiver (why is a USB receiver not built into all computers?).

4. Optional sleep mode.

5. Battery life indicator.

6. Smooth scroll button.

7. Built in presenter buttons for PowerPoint presentations.

8. Built-in timer (for presentations).

9. Laser pointer.

10. Easy stowaway area for USB receiver.

11. Simple carrying case that does not add bulk.

It makes me wonder if we are at a point where the technology does not allow it, or if the manufacturers simple don’t think there is a big enough market to make a financial win of this. As a Marketer, I don’t spend my whole day thinking about how to get customers to buy stuff. As you can see, I spend a majority of my time thinking about how companies can make better – more remarkable – products that gets people talking.

Maybe this Blog posting was about creating the better mouse trap after all.