The Opportunity Of A Lifetime From Ev Williams

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Do you know where Clarks, Nebraska is?

It’s a village in Merrick County, Nebraska. In the 2010 census, the population was 369. That’s where Ev Williams is from. Actually, that’s not true. He didn’t really live in the village. He lived on a farm near that village. From there, he moved to a city that had about 20,000 people and then went on to study at the University of Nebraska. Ev Williams has an impressive resume. He started Blogger (which Google acquired for an undisclosed sum – people say that it’s somewhere between $20-$50 million), he then went on to Odeo which became Twitter and is currently working on Medium. Like I said, it’s a strong resume. People always complain about their lot in life. What do you think the odds were of Williams becoming the individual that he is today? People often complain about their lack of opportunities in life. The most successful people will tell you that they created their own opportunities. In another stunning episode of Foundation with Kevin Rose, he spends a little over an hour having an amazing conversation with Ev Williams.

Watch this… then go out there and create your own opportunities:

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  1. I sent your URL to my sons, one who will be a Senior at Dartmouth next year and the other a Senior in High School. Things have changed and will continue to. Hearing about Ev’s pivots I hope will make it a little easier for my boys to accept that they are in the middle of a transition. Institutions, even the big, Ivy League ones are still teaching the old model with a little bit of the new perspectives blended in. Transitions are always turbulent. It’s like we’re in purgatory or something – I read that somewhere 😉

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