The Next New Thing Now

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Podcasting. Do you do it? Do you know what it is?
Former MTV VJ Adam Curry popularized this new medium. After seeing Blogs and realizing that after video killed the radio star the Internet killed TV. With near-to-free software and some gumption any Tom, Dick or Harriette can now create their own audio show and make it available for download through that new white magic, iPod.
Yup you (and even me) can create our own downloadable audio broadcast show (you can ever do a video one – but it will have to be seen on your PC).
I saw a newscast on one of the major networks about Podcasting and the two featured Podcasters were a couple who record their pre-bedtime conversation and some dude who records his thoughts as he drives through his small hometown.
Does that interest you?
They both get thousands of downloads per day. Pretty good branding if you ask me.
So many Podcasting marketing opportunities – a human voice to your brand, a champion of your service and a reason to stay loyal, keep coming back and tell everyone about it – if you can figure out how to make the content compelling.
So Blogs are words and Podcasting is the voice and both rely content.
Once again – and as always – content matters.