The New Digital Age

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There’s a new book in town that is worthy of your attention.

No, this isn’t a self-promotional post about CTRL ALT Delete (as I head into promotion for it next week, you can be sure that there will be plenty of it ;). Eric Schmidt (Google‘s Executive Chairman) and Jared Cohen (Director of Google Ideas) recently published a business book titled, The New Digital Age – Reshaping The Future Of People, Nations And Business, that takes you deep inside everything from the Internet and mobile to how technology has fundamentally changed the nations it has served, and what happens to nations that have not been so adept at the adoption. In short, if you’re an Internet, technology and business nerd (like yours truly), this is simply nirvana. It is well written. moves quickly and shapes ideas about technology and connectivity that has, literally, had me rethinking some of my own values about business and our culture. Recently, Schmidt and Cohen appeared on Charlie Rose for a conversation about the book, the state of technology and what this could all mean. In a word: fascinating.

Watch it here: Charlie Rose – Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen on The New Digital Age.

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