1. I think we also remember that just because a particular type of technology is new, doesn’t automatically mean it will be accepted in the end either.
    (laser-disc player anyone?)
    In terms of wearable tech, I think there will be certain pieces that won’t make it, either because the novelty wears off (lack of real, practical usefulness) or because something else fills the practical need better than the current piece of wearable tech.
    We’re going to be putting on a “fashion show” of sorts in the coming decades, and the winning pieces of tech will not only look good, but will “do” good as well.

  2. I am pondering a related question around the notion that the paradigm of convergence could indeed be a way to better imagine how we build cities and manage their associated problems. Rather than having silo solutions chugging away to improve things, perhaps the this paradigm of working will assist? It seems to have worked with media and is progressing well with the science coming together to fing new research models why not planning, transport, housing, welfare, crime?

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