The Momentum Effect In Effect

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"The ‘Momentum Effect’, is a term created by Marketing Revolution that measures the effect of a brand within a social network and examines consumer -to- consumer communication." This is what I grabbed from the WebProNews article titled, Social Networks Provide "Momentum Effect". It’s some kind of new metric that looks at how many times individuals post about brands – either in their profiles or when connecting to others – in an online social network. The tough thing would be identifying trends and mentions in these environments. It’s not like there is a Web Analytics tool that can truly help you understand these brand shout-outs… until now.

Facebook just launched something called, Lexicon, which has some degree of similarity to Google Trends. The tool has a very easy-to-use interface, and you can input up to five terms to "trend" at once – giving you a vibe for who’s saying what in Facebook. I think we all know that the next logical step to the evolution of tools like this will be the semantic aspect. In a perfect world (hey, we can all dream), it would be great to see an indication as to whether or not the traffic is positive or negative.

Facebook Lexicon is a great tool for your toolbox. It’s another way to gauge whether or not your brands, products and services have traction in Facebook… and at what volume. This way, when the boss walks in and wants to know why you don’t have a Facebook Fan Page set-up for the company, you can lean on Lexicon to demonstrate whether or not you’ve got Facebook buzz to get the real value out of it.

Check it out here: Facebook Lexicon.